Social work is a great career for anyone seeking to have an impact on humans. Every person can join the field. However, financial constraints can be a hindrance to acquiring basic training and knowledge. Fortunately, this should no longer be the case as several resources feature free social work courses that offer valuable knowledge and skills to any aspiring social worker.

Here are the most popular platforms featuring free social work courses:


Alison is a leading online learning platform that offers different free courses. From the platform, an aspiring or practicing social worker can take courses on different social work topics. Some of the topics one can learn include Identifying Child Abuse and Neglect, Mental Health Support Workers, and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults. Each of these courses can enhance your area of specialization and improve your competence,


This online learning platform offers over 250 CE social work courses. Aspiring social workers can consider one of the courses without paying a dime. The courses cover suicide prevention, child abuse, cultural competence, practice administration, and race and diversity. The learners also enjoy free CE credits.

Class Central

This learning platform features over 80 free social work courses.  The courses cover social justice, policy advocacy, and change, aged care, and others.

While these free social work courses may not offer the comprehensive training one may require for a full degree, they provide a solid starting point for a social work career. The foundational knowledge attained through them can be a perfect way of preparing you for a successful social work career.

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