First and foremost I am a father, people-person and Entrepreneur!

I’m also a certified behavioral assistant and partner in a private mental health practice in Somerset, New Jersey.

One of the biggest reasons why I love behavioral assistance is the freedom I have to make my own hours and help people in a major way. In 2024, I’m at home with my son almost full-time. I coach his basketball and football team, get to go to the gym whenever I want or leave for a few days on vacation and still pay the bills.

But it was not always like this. When I first became a BA, I was fresh off a security job with my SORA license at the time. I only found about behavioral assistance from a friend of a friend who only sent me the training calendar. I had no idea how to get hired or how to become a BA. After I got the calendar, I basically just tried to take a training thinking I’d be ok. Little did I know I got no where.

Doing it all alone was a headache,

and it took a couple of years before I was able to go full-time. I didn’t quit my security job right away so I worked part-time before I saw the pay checks coming in and how easy the job came for me.

Obviously, it all worked out and I got certified as a BA and eventually left my job. But as I quickly realized there was no support anywhere, I was frustrated by how no one could answer my questions or even guide on what to do when things got tough.

One of the worst parts was that some who became a BA when I did either quit entirely or got some other job but why? Even today, very qualified people come into BA worker and often quit because there’s no support even though the pay is great, having the stress of not knowing how to do your job right is very risky and people quit or just get let go.

So when COVID hit in 2019, after so many stressful days and worrying about the virus,

I asked myself, how can I fix this problem and what can I do right now while I have all this extra time on my hands being on lockdown?

BehavioralAssistant .Com was born. I was determined to teach other behavioral assistant how to become a successful BA with no stress, no frustration or headaches, so that it could be easier for everyone else.

The rest is history. My favorite part of Behavioral Assistant .Com is hearing from other behavioral assistants who have been able to use the website and courses, to discover, start and grow their family load to full-time work. Or even using the resources I offer that helped boost confidence and lifestyle where they found their life partners and started their own families.

When I hear stories like these, it is the most rewarding and motivates me to go harder everyday.

Finally, a place to call home

Below are the resources I mentioned above to help you get started as a BA :

You can send a message over on the contact page. It would be great to chat and get your questions answered!

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