In an era where physical meetups and interactions are a challenge, social media fills the space. You can interact with friends in different ways availed by different social media platforms. However, experts are warning about the excessive use of social media citing its role in increasing behavioral health issues.

Social media can be a perfect way to stay connected with the world. The platform can help you access support groups and find people to interact with and share experiences. These activities create a sense of belongingness and feeling less lonely.

The dark side of social media usage

Social media has its dark side too as it allows people to post snapshots of their lives creating room for comparison. You are likely to feel inadequate as you envy the lives of others. Also, it can generate a sense of isolation as one tries to measure up with other users. Addiction is another potent that one can endure as a social media user. You can end up spending much of your time on the platform impacting your productivity, sleep, and relationships.

Experts’ opinion

Experts have termed it the new hub for breeding mental health issues. Many people struggling with stress and depression can connect it to social media. Studies have found that staying on social media for long leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

With these realities, the question remains: should people quit and stop using social media to harness their mental health? Finding a balance by practicing healthy social media use can be the way out of this menace.

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