Mental health is becoming a big concern and numbers do not lie. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one in every 5 US adults is living with a mental illness. in every 5 young adults aged between 13 and 18 years, one has had or currently struggling with a serious mental health issue. Also, the statistics further indicate that 1 in every 25 adult citizens has a mental illness such as bipolar disorder, stress, or depression.

Prevalent and percentage in the country and states

According to the statistics from Mental Health America, 19.9% of US adults equivalent to 50 million people are suffering from mental illnesses. Out of this group, 4.91% have severe cases. The data shows that the state you reside in can determine your chances of suffering from mental illness. according to this report, Utah has the highest mental illness prevalence at 26.86% while New Jersey has the lowest with 16.37%.

How do Americans feel about mental health?

Americans accept that mental health is a real issue requiring immediate attention. A poll by CNN/Kaiser Foundation found that 90% of Americans feel that the country is undergoing a mental health crisis. Many of them cited the changing economic situations and lifestyle are increasing the cases.

With these statistics, it is evident that mental health requires a new approach. The government and relevant authorities need to work on ways to enhance accessibility to mental health services, particularly among the poor and marginalized groups.


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