Princeton, New Jersey – The founder of BHC Training and Recruitment, Nelson Stryker is set to fill the vacuum of male professional behavioral and mental health workers, to control the mental health crisis common among the male youths in New Jersey, the Tri-State area, and Delaware State.

Reports say that most male youths are treated by women, hence, creating a barrier to effective treatment and relatable cases. The training and recruitment exercise focuses on male professionals and aims to break the barrier to effective treatment and communication.

According to Nelson Stryker, “I have identified a crisis in our system regarding a lack of male behavioral health professionals in our state and mental health workers in general across the country. I have developed a recruiting system and have written a book to bring awareness to this issue and how my system will bring more male professionals into the industry as a majority of the children we serve are male Youth”.

Nelson Stryker further states that there is a need to provide the youth with more effective mental, and behavioral health support now, than in the period of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

BHC Training and Recruitment is a behavioral health training and recruitment program with the primary goal to train parents on how to overcome behavioral challenges that their children are struggling with. It also shapes men, women, and youths to become professionals as social and mental health workers with the end goal of earning more money than traditional social workers. Register for the master class to become behavioral health professional.


About Nelson Stryker

Nelson Stryker is an entrepreneur who has skillfully helped Startups with business branding, digital monetization, marketing, media production, and scaling as a Brand Strategist. He is a Mental Health Professional who has worked closely with thousands of families and written a book on how to solve complex mental health challenges.

Media Contact
Company Name: BHC Training and Recruitment
Contact Person: Nelson Stryker
Phone: 1-800-419-5975
Address: 213 Carnegie Center Drive Princeton NJ 08543-8627
Country: United States

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