As a Certified Behaviour Assistant, you will focus on behavioral health and issues and specialize with kids or adults as you wish. You’ll work in various areas like hospitals, schools, government institutions, etc. There are steps to follow to become a Certified Behavior Assistant. They are;

Getting the Relevant Education

It’s good to have atleast a high school diploma; however, getting a bachelor’s degree is advisable. You can take a specialized behavioral studies degree or any relevant field like Psychology, Sociology, Social work, or Education.

Apply for Specialized Training

Enroll in a school offering behavioral health assistant courses. The programs provide training on behavior analysis, designing treatment strategies, collection of data, intervention methods, and more. Ensure the course meets the standards of major behavioral boards like the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Take the certification exam at the end of your training and get the desired pass mark for your behavior assistant certificate.

Gain Experience

Look out for work opportunities in various areas to gain practical experience. You can also volunteer or intern in organizations catering to people with behavioral health issues before seeking employment.

In Summary,

The following are the basic steps to help you become a certified behavior assistant. Have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, a bachelor’s degree, and then enroll for specialized training for certification as a behavioral assistant. Finally, gain experience to become qualified for the job market.

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