Online addiction counselling degree programs provide knowledge and practical skills to assist and guide people battling with substance abuse and addiction. To choose the best online addiction counselling program, use the tips below.

Know your Area of Interest

Addiction counselling has two types of programs. One type offers specialization like family therapy, adolescent addiction, etc, while the other is general, offering appropriate coursework.

Identify Training Programs/Schools

It’s easier to find the best online addiction counselling degree program once you know what you are interested in. Go for schools that offer what you want and confirm their accreditation. Check also the curriculum. Whether it offers the specialization you need or if the general program has the essential topics.


Confirm if the program has a flexible learning schedule. A flexible degree program helps you learn without inconveniencing other parts of your life. Check if the course is self-paced, part-time or full-time. Know if the program offers online student support, internship and networking opportunities.

Cost of the Program

Compare the fees needed by the various programs and pick what suits you best. Look out for scholarships, financial aid, and grants to help cut costs.



Selecting the best online addiction counselling degree program is easy with the relevant information. Use the tips above to choose what’s right and consider your professional needs.

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