The Behavioral Health Assistant Certification proves the knowledge and skills acquired for a human behaviour and health career.

Certificate Acquisition

You must have completed your high school diploma as your first step towards earning the Behavioral Health Assistant Certification or have a degree, as it’s a prerequisite for some training programs. Next, you must complete a training program in behavioral health or a similar field from a credited school or online platform and pass the exam to get the certificate.

Bodies in charge of Certification

Several organizations offer the Behavioral Health Assistant Certification based on your specialization. Some examples include;

  • Behavioral Health Association of PProvider (BHAP)
  • American Association of Psychiatric Technicians ( AAPT)
  • National Association for Alcoholism and DrugAbuse Counselors ( NAADAC )
  • National Certification for Addiction Professionals ( NCC AP)

Duties you can perform with the Behavioral Health Assistant Certification are;

  • Monitoring patients and recording their progress and interactions
  • Designing appropriate treatment plans
  • Guiding patients through the treatment process
  • Creating a safe environment for the affected
  • Providing therapy sessions


The Behavioral Health Assistant Certification is the basis of behavioral health. However, recertification is required every three years. Continuous learning is also necessary for professional growth

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